Vice President Joe Biden has been resisting to run for President in the 2016 Elections following the death of his son earlier this year. Supporters have been urging him to make his candidacy for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Democrats have been calling on Biden to jump in the Democratic primary race for the 2016 Presidential elections. A Draft Biden Super PAC has been formed for gathering donations and exploring the field for a possible run of Vice President Biden. He has even been holding meetings with top Democrats such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Labor leader and President of AFL-CIO Richard Trumka.

According to Reuters, Biden has made a phone call to the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday and told the DNC members that he may announce a formal candidacy; however he is not sure whether he would have the energy to do it especially after the event of his son, Beau Biden dying earlier this year.

However, recent announcements from Democrat voters and politicians have shown that Biden has low support among the Democratic base and top Democrats have announced their admiration of the Vice President, but are doubtful that he is able to surpass the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination Hillary Clinton. People are not sure that Biden’s late entry in the race will be enough to raise the funds necessary to run a successful campaign against the former Secretary of State, who has been leading and dominating the polls with half of the surveyed population expressing support ever since her campaign announcement.

According to Reuters, Alice Huffman, the President of the California’s NAACP said “I like Joe Biden. We all love him, but I do not see him overtaking Hillary.”

Earl Fowlkes, the Chairman of the Democratic LGBT caucus said that Biden is “a good man, a solid man, but the question is, can he raise the money? If he doesn’t have the money, he won’t make much difference.” He also added that he doubts whether Biden would be able to earn the support of the LGBT minority and the young population that votes traditionally for the Democratic Party. Clinton has already garnered a large support by gay people with being pro gay marriage and her agenda of anti-discrimination policies.

There are Democrats that are in full support of the Vice president, especially because of his tenure as a right hand of President Barack Obama and his record as a U.S. Senator.

According to Reuters, Elena McCullough from Tampa, Florida said “He would probably be my candidate. He’s done a great job, he’s been serving our country for a long time” and Sonia Fernandez from Los Angeles said “I would like to see the continuation of the progress we’ve seen with President Obama.”

The other Presidential hopefuls have expressed their opinions on Biden running for President, with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont saying that he is uncertain of what would Biden’s run mean. He states “I guess we will have to wait and see.” Clinton on the other hand, declined to comment the possible candidacy, but expressed her admiration for Biden.

The obstacles Biden faces as he continues to contemplate whether he should make a late jump in the Democratic Presidential nomination run. His announcement must come before the primary Democratic debate that is scheduled for the 13th of October on CNN.


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