"white-house-congress-news"John Boehner has managed to hold on to his position for another term as Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

His reappointment comes as Republicans take control of both the chambers of Congress for the first time in eight years after the party won the majority in the Senate during the mid-term elections held back in November last year.

John Boehner fought off a challenge for his position from a fellow Republican registering a total of 25 Republicans voting against him.

The first bill to be introduced is the highly controversial approval of the Keystone XL pipeline which is being pushed by members of the Republican party but is opposed by many of the Democrats.

Other issues that will prove to cause issues within the chambers include moves by President Obama to change immigration laws radically and also the new position being held by Obama on relations with Cuba.

With everyone back from a winter break and a new dynamic to the chambers the BBC reported that there was an air of “first day back to school” in Washington.

“Enjoy the ceremonies,” Mitch McConnell said in his first speech as Senate Majority leader. “Tomorrow we get to work.”

According to the BBC, at the mock swearing-in and photo-op with the vice-president and senators’ families in the old chamber – the original home of upper house legislation and debate until the late 1800s – Vice-President Joe Biden was his usual joking self.

When it was the turn of Lindsey Graham, a staunch Obama critic, Mr Biden quipped: “I’m not doing the next one.”

“Hard work awaits,” said the new Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. “I’m really optimistic about what we can accomplish.”

Many are concerned that very little will now be accomplished in Washington thanks to the Republicans being in control of the houses but a Democrat still holding the top position of President and able to use his veto to block moves.

John Boehner said that he wanted President Obama to work with Republicans on bills that have stalled in recent years.

But he also criticised unnamed fellow representatives for “shadow boxing and show business”.

The US president has used his power of veto twice in his six years as president, but has said he expects to use it more now that both chambers are controlled by Republicans, according to the BBC.

The report by the BBC added that despite the likelihood of high-profile clashes, Republican leaders and the White House have signalled there might be co-operation on such trade deals, as well as tax reform and infrastructure spending.


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