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The Republican Party is facing major struggle in electing the new Speaker of the House of Representatives ever since Speaker John Boehner announced that he was retiring from Congress and resigning the Speakership position.

The favorite Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy that was thought to replace Boehner as Speaker of House announced that he is dropping out of the race for the leader of the House. His surprise announcement created a larger rift among moderate Republicans and the conservative Tea Party movement in the Freedom caucus.

The House Majority Leader McCarthy became the frontrunner for the Speakership position right after Boehner announced his resignation and succeeded to quickly gather a large support among Republicans.

However, conservatives have refused to support him thinking that he is not the one to unite the party and that he would only continue Boehner’s leadership of having too much compromises with Democrats and the Obama administration. They announced that they would support Representative Daniel Webster of Florida.

According to Reuters, McCarthy said that he was short of the 218 votes of support needed to get the candidacy and state “The one thing I found in talking to everybody, if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that.”

Republicans have been urging Paul Ryan to be the new Speaker, but he has declined and stated that he has no plans to run for the position. Another candidate for the position is Representative Jason Chaffetz who sees McCarthy’s dropping out as an opening for his own bid.

According to Reuters, Joe Brettell, a Republican strategist said that Republican legislators have been making a lot of compromises following the example of Ronald Reagan, but were blinded by ideology to see the reality in Washington. He stated “They’ve elected an entire generation of members who have little idea how to actually run the Congress they preside over. They are out of ideas, out of candidates and soon, they will be out of time with voters.”

This chaos among Republicans puts little effort in demonstrating the Party’s ability to run Congress and cripples Republicans chances of proving they would run the Presidency effectively.

Boehner will remain Speaker until a replacement is elected and it is not yet known whether the vote for a new Speaker set for the 29th of October will take place. McCarthy faced criticism of liberals after his comments that the Benghazi Committee was set up for the defamation of Hillary Clinton and thwarting her chances of being elected President.


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