"michael grimm news"The disgraced Republican Michael Grimm, R-N.Y., has decided to step down and resign from his position from the House of Representatives and will not be facing possible expulsion thanks to his decision.

Michael Grimm has made the announcement that he will resign, less than a week after he pleaded guilty to a single count of felony tax fraud and quickly told journalists that he had no intentions of standing down from his position.

According to US News, the Staten Island politician has faced years of controversy. Before entering politics and before co-owning an Upper East Side restaurant that yielded a 20-count indictment for allegedly skimping on taxes and hiring workers who lacked proper legal documentation, Grimm worked for the FBI.

The report goes on to state that one evening in 1999, Grimm went to a club with a woman whose husband happened to be at the same Queens establishment. Grimm allegedly was seen holding a gun and saying, “I’m gonna f—in’ kill him.” He denied brandishing a weapon and that he spoke in such a manner.

Back in 201o Michael Grimm was elected to Congress but this did not seem to put an end to his ways with stories of his hot tempered temperament well known within political circles.

According to US News, in January this year, Grimm threatened to break a young TV reporter in half “like a boy” and throw him over a balcony when asked about his legal issues. The incident was recorded and quickly became a national news story.

While some of the incidents surrounding Michael Grimm are well documented others remain shrouded in mystery including his time in Congress, including a 2012 vandalism incident at his campaign office.  According to US News at first, Grimm claimed vandals also wiped files from his office’s computers, as the FBI was investigating his fundraising activities. An eighth-grade student later admitted to breaking the office’s windows, and the file deletion appeared to be the work of a staffer who put a Linux system disc in a Windows computer.

It is still not know if Grimm chose to resign of his own free will or if he was forced to step down by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, whose office earlier said Boehner would speak with Grimm before deciding if the then-admitted felon should go.

Initially Grimm had said he would maintain his position after the court ruling but his u-turn has been noted by many as a direct result of influence from another political quarter.


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