"mitt-romney-election-2016"Republican Mitt Romney, who previously ran as the 2012 U.S. Republican presidential nominee, has said that he is giving “serious consideration” to running for the White House once again in 2016.

Although he did not give a final decision on if he would be running or not for the position of president in 2016 this latest declaration is the closest we have seen to a final decision.

If he does choose to stand, this will be the third time that Mitt Romney would be putting his name into the race.

The pressure of running for President is something that not many consider doing three times if not initially successful and his wife Ann has spoken out about the prospect of another presidential campaign.

According to a report by Reuters: “She believes people get better with experience,” Romney said in a speech to Republican activists. “And heaven knows I have experience running for president.”

This was the first appearance from Mitt Romney since his surprise announcement a week ago to a group of political donors that he was considering another White House bid.

Reuters reported that Mitt Romney was speaking at a dinner function at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting on board the aircraft carrier USS Midway, which is permanently docked in San Diego Harbor, California.

Romney was given a standing ovation when he appeared on stage with his wife. A few members of the crowd cheered when he mentioned the 2016 race.

But in Reuters interviews with Republican members in San Diego, few are enthusiastic about another Romney run. Most expressed a wish for him to sit out the race.

Republicans are more than keen to win a presidential race following two failures at the White House in previous elections but it is said that the party members are not sure that Mitt Romney would be the best choice as the Republican candidate, especially if he is put up against Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate.

According to Reuters, one of the most damaging episodes in his failed 2012 bid were remarks caught on film of Romney disparaging “47 percent” of Americans who he said had become reliant on government hand outs.

This latest speech from Romney was very much in line with standing for President with him highlighting the problems of the Obama administration: “Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer and more people are in poverty than ever before,” Romney said


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