President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice said on Wednesday that Iran would not be able to avoid any inspection by the U.S. and their allies.

The nuclear pact with Iran was sealed this week by eight international signatories including the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, the EU and Iran and it has come into a lot of controversy, mostly because of disagreement and disapproval of Republican politicians and some Middle Eastern countries.

They have been voicing their concern that the deal with Iran has many loopholes that can be abused by the Iranians in order to construct a nuclear bomb and use it to start a nuclear war in the Middle East. Concerns are coming from Saudi Arabia and Israel as well, who according to Reuters have said that the deal contains a loophole in the verification and Iran’s breakout capability, in other words, the time needed to construct a nuclear weapon.

However, according to Reuters, the National Security Adviser Susan Rice has stated in an interview that the deal does not give Iran a possibility to oppose any inspections imposed by the U.S. if Washington or allies have a suspicion that certain military and non-military sites might reveal secrets that they took to the International Atomic Energy Agency for review. She said “If the Iranians said ‘No, you can’t see that site,’ whether it’s a military site or not, the International Atomic Energy Agency, if it deems the site suspicious, can ask for access to it.”

She also stated that if Iran refuses to cooperate and allows access to a suspicious site, a majority of five signatory countries demand access to a certain site, Iran must comply and allow investigation under a joint commission. Susan Rice said “It’s not a request. It’s a requirement and Iran would be bound to grant that access.”

The deal that was concluded earlier this week has granted Iran the unfreezing of assets and relief of sanctions by the U.S. the European Union and the United Nations. The lift of sanctions is in exchange for Iran’s agreement to term curbs on its nuclear program. With the deal Iran gets a 24 hour period to make all sites available for inspection by the U.S. and allies in order to make sure that they Islamic country is not making a nuclear bomb, a fear that both the U.S. and Israel have been very vocal about.

On the other hand, Israeli government and the Republican Party have been attacking the deal as capitulation of America and have raised their voices in Congress. However, Susan Rice, according to Reuters, said that any concerns in regards to Iran hiding radioactive material should be non-existent because “They can’t hide the evidence of that in any meaningful way in that kind of period of time. And you can’t hide a facility of that size very easily for long.”

According to Reuters, Susan Rice stated that Ash Carter, U.S. Defense Secretary will travel to Saudi Arabia to convince regional partners that the deal is more beneficial than a threat. He will also strengthen the security and intelligence cooperation with Israel.

President Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats are embracing the deal with Iran as a major foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration and hope for a future development of the process. They are convincing fellow Democrats that the deal is good for America and the most reasonable way to deal with countries like Iran, as well as promote diplomacy and talking, instead of interventionism, like the development of diplomatic relations with Cuba and ending year’s long confrontations.


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