"us-troops-back-in-afghanistan"President Barack Obama has signed a secret order to authorise an increase in the military mission in Afghanistan in 2015.

According to a report by the New York Times the new plan will be much broader and more far reaching than the original proposed by the President and will see the 2015 military mission to Afghanistan change to original plans.

This new decision will ensure that the Us plays a direct role in fighting in Afghanistan, with this expected to take place for at least a year.

The decision to increase troop numbers was made in the White House alongside national security advisors over the past few weeks according to the report.

Back in May, President Obama said the American military would have no combat role in Afghanistan next year.

According to Reuters the missions for the remaining 9,800 troops would be limited to training Afghan forces and to hunting the “remnants of al Qaeda”, he said.

The new orders from President Obama will allow for the troops in Afghanistan to be able to execute missions directly against the Taliban and other militant groups that are seen to be threatening the security of the US.

As yet it is not known if the changes to the remit from President Obama will change the number of troops that will be going to Afghanistan.

The news will no doubt lead to a debate as many people feel that American troops should not be sent back into Afghanistan  where the possibility of the loss of US lives remains high.

Civilian aides are calling for the mission to be far more narrow and that the focus of the mission should specifically target certain groups and key personnel and not a wider mission.

According to Reuters, Obama’s Afghanistan strategy faces stiffer criticism after the advance of Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria, it said, while Afghanistan’s new president has been more accepting of a broader American military mission than his predecessor.

Asked about the report, a senior administration official said the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan would be over by year-end, as Obama had announced in May.

“Safety of our personnel is the president’s first priority and our armed forces will continue to engage in operations in self-defense and in support of Afghan security forces,” the official said.

“While we will no longer target belligerents solely because they are members of the Taliban, to the extent that Taliban members directly threaten the United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan or provide direct support to al Qaeda, we will take appropriate measures to keep Americans safe.”


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