US-President-Obama-executive-action-on-immigrationPresident Obama confessed during a Press Conference Tuesday that he made the decision to put his controversial immigration actions on hold while the legality of his actions are being considered in court.The King vs. Burwell decision, expected to come from the Supreme Court later this month, could deliver a final deadly blow to ObamaCare should the high court rule that federal subsidies meant to assist citizens in buying healthcare insurance, but were also granted to illegals as part of the Obama amnesty program, are not in compliance with the law.

“This should be an easy case; frankly it shouldn’t have even been taken up,” Obama said of the Supreme Court’s hearing of the case. Obama made his comments – among his most caustic to date -during a news conference in Germany at the Group of Seven (G-7) summit of leading industrial democracies.

Obama announced in November of 2014 that as many as 5 million illegal immigrants— including undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents — could be shielded from deportation provided they met certain criteria.This executive action, designed to protect illegal immigrants is one of most controversial of the Obamapresidency.  In addition, this plan expands a 2012 program deferring the deportations of more than 600,000 immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children. Granting these people ‘citizen status’ with regard to ObamaCare, has created a raging political brush fire.

According to a June 7th article in the Washington Post, the Department of Homeland Security has now suspended plans to hire staff for an 11-story building outside Washington, D.C., with up to 3,100 employees tasked with processing the flood of applications for legal status from illegals the Obama program allows to remain within the United States despite their unlawful status.

 “I made a decision, which I think is the right one, that we should not accept applications till the legal status of this is clarified,”  Obama said Monday. The president’s “frustration” with the judge who blocked his actions was obvious, nevertheless, he maintains that he does not want to put illegal immigrants at a greater disadvantage.

“Obviously I’m frustrated,” he said, adding that he was “absolutely convinced” that it was within his legal authority to provide these protections.“Until we get clarity there, I don’t want to bring people in, have them apply, and jump through a lot of hoops only to have it deferred and delayed further,” he said.

Obama said that the administration is being “as aggressive as we can” with the legal action, but qualifies his statements with this;  “the United States is a government of laws and separations of power.”

He challenged Congress to revisit legal status for illegal immigrants, admitting that it would probably be a heated issue in the upcoming presidential campaign.

“My hope is … some quiet conversations start back up again particularly, in the Republican party about the short sighted approach that they are taking when it comes to immigration,” Obama said.


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