President Barack Obama on Wednesday secured his victory on the Iran nuclear deal with 34 Senators showing support in case of a vote needed to back the veto of a congressional resolution of rejecting the nuclear deal.

It is Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski that secured the 34 votes needed in the U.S. Senate for the deal to survive. The fight still continues to secure 41 votes in the Senate so that a filibuster option can block the disapproval resolution and ending Republican efforts of killing the deal in U.S. Congress.

The nuclear deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was agreed between the United States and five other global powers and announced on the 14th of July. The signatories oblige the Iranian government to curb its nuclear program and allow constant inspections of its facilities, in exchange for economic sanctions relief imposed by the United Nations.

According to Reuters, Senator Mikulski issued a statement announcing that she will vote in favor of the deal. Her statement said “No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime. I have concluded that this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best option available to block them from having a nuclear bomb. For these reasons, I will vote in favor of this deal.”

Republicans are unified in opposing the deal and have a majority of legislators in both chambers of Congress and stated that the deal will be far from implemented and that the Iranian government is not to be trusted this much. If they are unable to stop the deal in Congress, the GOP representatives have sworn to impose further sanctions to the Middle Eastern country, concerning Iran’s human rights violations and sponsoring terrorists.

According to Reuters, Cory Fritz, the spokesman for John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House has stated “The White House may have convinced just enough Democrats to back an agreement that legitimizes Iran’s nuclear program, trusts the regime to self-inspect and offer amnesty to terrorists, but this deal is far from being implemented.”

Secretary of State John Kerry, who had a key part in negotiating the nuclear deal with a multinational accord, during a trip to Philadelphia, gave a speech saying that the benefits of the deal are far greater than any drawbacks and that it is the only way of ensuring Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon and pose a threat to the entire region. He added that the 34 votes are not satisfactory for the Obama administration, which has been pushing for a greater support by Democrats in Congress. Kerry vowed to persuade more Party members to kill the disapproval from reaching a final vote.

With this pivotal commitment by Democrat Barbara Mikulski, it is ensured that the legislators would not be able to override a Presidential veto, which has been promised by Barack Obama in case the measure of disapproval was passed in Congress. Mikulski became the 32 Democrat to support the deal, along with 2 independents.

Congress is set to vote on the resolution of disapproval of the deal on the 17th of September, after the House and the Senate return from recess.


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