(REUTERS/Saul Loeb/Pool) United States President Barack Obama is going to spend his last year in office strengthening the achievements of his presidency and furthering his legacy on key issues.

As every President before Obama has found out that his final months in office get the “lame duck” label, Obama too is aware of his weakening clout, so he is searching for ways to make his final touches on the key issues that he has made a central part of his campaign.

According to Reuters, senior White House officials have stated that the President will try to make his last push on a few key issues, as well as cement his achievements in health care, continuing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, curbing the United States carbon emissions, normalizing diplomatic and economic ties with Cuba, implementing the Iran nuclear deal and push for a criminal justice reform. The official, who wanted to remain anonymous, said “You do not start a new agenda on January 1. We intend to push a bunch of big pieces of business over the finish line next year.” He also said that Obama is expected to make a “non-traditional speech” at his final State of the Union address on the 12th of January. The official stated “I do not think you should expect a huge, long list from the president of legislative to-dos, I think he is anxious to take kind of a big picture approach to some of the challenges and opportunities that we face.”

The official also mentioned that one of the top priorities of President Obama for the next year will be keeping Americans safe and continuing the fight against the extremists groups in Syria and Iraq and finally defeating the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. He is also ready to prevent similar attacks in the United States, such as the one in San Bernardino where a Muslim couple killed 14 people.

President Obama’s promise to close down Guantanamo detention centre has been a long one ever since he came to the White House in 2007, as well as his constant pushes for toughening gun regulation; however the Republican led Congress has a strong opposition to these issues and will make further progress very difficult.

According to Reuters, the White House official also said that President Obama will definitely spent his last months in office on the Presidential campaign trail helping the Democrat that succeeds to win the party nomination, also win the general elections. The official stated “There is no better way for this president to preserve the progress of the past seven years than to elect a Democrat to replace him.”

President Obama is set to go on vacation in Hawaii, but prior to that he will stop in San Bernardino, California to meet with the families of the victims of terrorism.


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