U.S. President Barack Obama has called on world leaders on Monday to talk climate change prevention at the U.N. summit in December.

President Obama expressed his views during his visit to Anchorage, Alaska to speak at the Department of State sponsored GLACIER Conference, along with foreign ministers that come from nations that have territory in the Arctic. He used the Conference in order to speak about the perils of global warming and to make a step further in securing his environmental policy legacy. He said that the United States are playing a huge part in carbon emission that is raising the temperature of our planet and that it should be a responsibility that we all should bear in order to fix the problem.

According to Reuters, he stated “This year, in Paris, must be the year that the world finally reaches an agreement to protect the one planet we have all got while we still can.” He also added that the Arctic is already feeling the consequences of climate change and said that “Alaska has some of the swiftest shoreline erosion rates in the world”, which is a great threat to the surrounding coastal villages.

He also acknowledged that science is right about climate change. According to Reuters, he said “The science is stark, it is sharpening, and it proves that this once-distant threat is now very much in the present.” Republicans, unlike the Democrat stance, are still saying that climate change is not real and that it does not pose any immediate danger. The President said that it was human activity and behavior that has caused the problem and that ignorance and criticism is not to be entertained anymore, because people who do not want their lifestyles disrupted are of a lesser number, now that the effects of climate change have become evident to everyone and the cynics and deniers “are on their own shrinking island.”

However, according to Reuters, Obama said in his remarks that forest fires accelerate the thaw in permafrost, which is a threat to homes and roads and which releases huge amounts of carbon in the air, only worsening the problem. He warned that if the world’s nations do not take action right away, there will be severe consequences of drought, floods, rising sea levels, greater migration and refugees and more conflict. He very blatantly, without the use of diplomatic language told the conference that if leaders are to gamble with our future like that, those leaders are not fit to lead.

Obama has pledged for world leaders to accept his proposal on immediate action, because the efforts of curbing the emissions have been outpaced by the effect of the climate change and the warming planet. The President plans to make climate change a central component of his legacy during his presidency and that he engages other nations to commit on carbon reduction.


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