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Faced with legal and political obstacles that have consistently slowed his plans, US President Barack Obama nevertheless vowed to stop the gun violence that has been turning small areas into pits of doom.

Acknowledging the pain and heartache that many families and friends of victims, Obama is pushing for concrete steps to prevent further violence.

The statement, which also called for new gun-buying, restrictions heralded the highest monthly gun sales in about twenty years. Narrower definitions of gun dealers and more stringent background checks for buyers would be required before a gun can be purchased.

However the move faces much opposition both practically and theoretically. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch told reporters that she was unable to say with confidence that had the proposed stricter restrictions been in place, the recent series of mass shootings, including last month’s attack in San Bernardino, would not have taken place.

Practically, most of the executive actions Obama plans to take do not actually expand or change existing laws. At most they clarify existing laws and serve as guidelines, not binding rules, for federal agencies. On top of that, many of the proposed measures require funding which the Republican-dominated Congress will not grant.

Obama has taken a step to politicise the gun control issue as he promised after a mass shooting in an Oregon community college. The response to these small measures has been disproportionately loud with the usual Second Amendment right’s violation argument unifying the protesters.


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