"obamacare news"Obamacare has faced stiff opposition and has had its fair share of teething problems but it appears that people are making up their own minds about the service with millions now signed up for Obamacare.

The White House announced through a twitter message that the private health insurance scheme known as Obamacare has seen some 11.4 million Americans sign up for the service, demonstrating that affordable care does seem to be something of interest to the American public.

In a video linked to the tweet from the White House, President Obama said: “The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is working. It’s working better than we anticipated, certainly working a lot better than many of the critics talked about early on.”

According to a report by Reuters, administration officials have said they expected 9.1 million people to be enrolled in coverage and up to date on insurance payments by the end of the year. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had predicted 12 million enrolees for 2015.

The enrolment period for Obamacare during 2015 officially began for 2015 back in November last year and closed on Sunday which allowed for the figures to be released by the White House.

 As the deadline for enrolment for the year approached the White House described a surge in applications for the service, particularly during the final nine days before the enrolment period closed.

In a statement about the enrolments in the service, the White House said: “Sunday, February 15 was the biggest enrolment day ever: more new consumers signed up for health coverage than on any day this open enrolment period or the last.”

Obamacare has been plagued with technical problems as it has been set up and more took place as the deadline approached with the U.S. Health and Human Services Department admitting that on Saturday there had been a technical problem which had prevented some consumers from enrolling but that the issue, involving income verification, was fixed late on Saturday, allowing the process to continue.

According to Reuters, the department said that anyone who had been unable to submit an application because income could not be verified due to that problem or any other technical issue would receive an extension for enrolment.

The Obama administration said last week that 2015 Obamacare subsidies were averaging $268 a month for people in the 37 states who had qualified for federal assistance.


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