Planned-Parenthood-sues-LouisianaPlanned Parenthood announced a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana for the efforts of the state government to defund the Planned Parenthood local clinics due to the recent scandal with videos showing aborted tissue being sold to biological companies for research.

Three states have announced the defunding measure for the Planned Parenthood clinics and Louisiana being the first of them to announce the decision to end it with the reproductive health organization. The other two states are Alabama and Arkansas and they have been undertaking similar plans, with New Hampshire and Utah making similar restrictions.

Planned Parenthood has been under serious attack by Republican anti-abortion activists and the Republican led Congress has been under Neocon influence to cut Federal funding for the organization. The organization has faced criticism after the national anti-abortion group the Center for Medical Progress has released videos that have been taped in secret showing high ranking officials selling aborted fetal tissue to biological companies.

However, Planned Parenthood has denounced the claims that they are selling tissue parts for profit. There is no law that forbids biological companies from obtaining aborted tissue for scientific research and the obtained tissue comes as a donation. The practice is limited to two states only, California and Washington.

According to Reuters, the plaintiffs of the lawsuit, three anonymous women, have stated that the state of Louisiana is breaking Federal law by defunding the healthcare organization. They said the state breaks the law “as part and parcel of Governor Jindal’s campaign against abortion and to punish abortion providers.

The Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal is seeking a Gubernatorial re-election has supported the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Research. He has given the organization a 30 day notice before he cuts the funds. According to Reuters, a spokesman for Jindal, Mike Reed said “Planned Parenthood is failing. This lawsuit is without merit and the state will aggressively defend our right to cancel the contract.”

However, Carrie Flaxman, a staff attorney for Planned Parenthood Federation of America said “We are fighting these efforts as best we can to preserve access by our patients to care.”

The organization claims that they do not even perform abortions in Louisiana which means that the state would be prohibiting access to health services to more than 5,200 low-income patients in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Democrat Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and other supporters and activists for women’s rights have come out in support of Planned Parenthood and said this Republican rhetoric is well known and that they have been after the organization for a very long time.

The women’s reproductive health organization that has hundreds of clinics nationwide is providing a variety of services to women, with only three percent of the services comprising abortion and the rest being cancer screenings, well-woman exams and basic health care. The organization along with three plaintiffs has asked for a court injunction on the 2nd of September to terminate Louisiana’s efforts to end the provider contract.


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