"cia-torture-report"The release of a highly anticipated report detailing the activity of the CIA and their possible involvement in torture is causing Secretary of State John Kerry concern according to a report by Reuters which said that he has privately expressed concern about the timing of the release of a long-awaited Congressional report.

According to Reuters Kerry’s spokeswoman said he called Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, to urge her to take foreign policy considerations into account when choosing when to publish the report which is expected to contain information which shows that the CIA employed “harsh” practices.

In a statement, Jen Psaki said that Joh Kerry had repeated his support for the release of the findings which critics have claimed the government are keen not to divulge and “made clear that the timing is of course her choice.”

The report is said to be a 500 page summary which contains information that could leave some members of government feeling decidedly uncomfortable.

Already there are very tense issues being addressed by the state department regarding foreign policy and any public report which threatens the stability of these negotiations and policies could have long lasting effects.

According to Reuters, one source said one concern was that Islamic militant groups holding U.S. hostages would execute them once the report is released. At least three Americans, including one woman, are currently believed to be held by such groups.

While another source said Kerry told Feinstein that publication could complicate U.S. relations with some countries in the Middle East which are working with the United States against Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria and other groups.

It is reported that there has been no specific call from Kerry to delay the publication of the report and it is still unknown when exactly the report will finally be published, although it is believed that it could be as early as next week.

According to Reuters, the report, which took the committee’s Democratic staff years to compile, charts the activities of a CIA program launched under President George W. Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon.

It included using coercive interrogation practices condemned by rights groups as torture, including the simulated drowning technique “waterboarding,” on detained militant suspects. The practices were banned by President Barack Obama.


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