Republican Presidential contender Ben Carson visited refugees from Syria in Jordan on Saturday, but said that the United States should not accept them and bring them to the country.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson met with Syrian refugees at the Zaatari camp in order to boost his failing support regarding his foreign policy stances, after comments he made about the refugees being “rabid dogs”. He visited the refugees and also talked to humanitarian workers, government officials and medical personnel. He did not meet with journalists, but his campaign posted photographs on his campaign website with him meeting the refugees.

According to Reuters, Carson stated that he is thankful for Jordan’s effort in helping the refugees that flee the Syrian civil war and said “But Jordan is a small country. They need the world’s help to feed, educate and care for these refugees until the war ends.” He also added “the United States must do more and the rest of the world could be doing so much more to find a political end to this conflict.”

However, he did not endorse them coming to the United States and said “Until it is safe for them to return home, Jordan is a safe place for them to wait. Bringing 25,000 refugees to the United States does nothing to solve this crisis. Jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our help.”

His campaign later altered his initial statement and issued another version which stated “We can do our part to help this crisis without bringing 10-25,000 refugees to the United States. Jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our logistical help and financial support.”

While being at a campaign stop in Alabama on the 20th of November, Carson compared Syrian refugees to rabid dogs stating “If there is a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you are probably not going to assume something good about that dog.”

The refugees have been met with opposition by most Republican hopefuls for the 2016 Elections, especially after the Paris terrorist attacks by Islamic State extremists and have stated that radical Islam is the cause of the conflicts. They passed a partisan legislation making screenings of refugees that enter the United States much tougher.

The Obama administration has said that the plan is to accept 10,000 refugees over the course of next year and that they would be undergoing the highest security checks of anyone travelling to the United States.

After making such statements as asking for a compulsory database of all Muslims within the United States, thus re-creating the registration of Jews in Nazi Germany, Donald Trump has been losing support, and along with Ben Carson their poll percentages have dropped. According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll Trump is at 31% and Carson is trailing behind with 15%, followed by Rubio and Cruz tied at 8% and Bush at 7%.


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