(Photo Credit : Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Republican Presidential hopeful Ben Carson on Wednesday told the Washington Post that he plans a campaign staff shake-up, because his advisers have allowed his campaign to drop in national polls.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has gained momentum and has risen in the polls right behind frontrunner Donald Trump, but in recent weeks he has fallen from second to fourth place in most national polls. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have taken his place because they succeeded to capitalize gains from their performance in the GOP debates.

According to Reuters, Carson said that his top staffers are overpaid, but have failed to send his message to the American people and are inefficient in managing the campaign’s budget. He said “I’m looking at every aspect of the campaign right now. Everything is on the table; every job is on the table. And we are going to analyze it very carefully. It’s not perfect and we are going to work on it. I want to see more efficiency in terms of the way money is utilized.”

The Washington Post reported that Dr. Carson is planning his campaign staff shake-up as soon as Thursday and most definitely before the primary contests and particularly the 1st of February Iowa caucuses, the first one in the Republican race for the White House nomination and the 2016 Elections.

Ben Carson has been losing his support because of the lack of experience he has in foreign policy, especially right after the violent attacks and mass shootings in Paris and San Bernardino, California, where many people lost their lives due to radicalized Islamists. Carson failed to send his message during the Republican debates that were focused on national security and fighting against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

At one point during November, Carson was in a dead heat with frontrunner Donald Trump in all of the national polls. According to Real Clear Politics, he is now trailing behind Trump after losing 10% of support in the national polls. He is also behind Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and has tied for third place with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Carson reportedly denied that his top advisers would be fired and said they would remain in place with full confidence, in an attempt to minimize any further damage in the polls, but said that he would be refining operational practices and streamlining staff assignments to match the tasks.


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