Photo Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stated on Wednesday that party leaders are expecting to see a nominee for the 2016 Elections for President by mid April and that a nominating convention is still not excluded as a possibility.

According to Reuters, Priebus was a guest on CBS’s “this Morning” where he answered questions a day after the last Republican Presidential debate in Las Vegas and said there could be a brokered convention in July if none of the White House hopefuls gets enough support to win the nomination. He also stated “I think most likely we will have a presumptive nominee by mid-April”, and when asked about a possible convention he said “I highly doubt it.”

The nomination can be won by winning the delegates before the national convention of the party. If the candidates do not gather enough delegates in state primary elections and caucuses, then the Republicans would have to vote for a nominee on the convention, which has not happened for more than 60 years.

Donald Trump has been the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for five months with a convincing lead over former Florida Governor Jeb bush, who was the establishment’s favorite to seek the Presidency at the general election.

According to Reuters, while being in Mesa, Arizona, Trump stated that he does not particularly care if the other Republican candidates back his campaign if he were to become the party’s nominee. He even went on to say that if Jeb Bush were to endorse him as the Republican nominee, it could be viewed “as a negative”. Then, he said that only he has the power to win the general elections and stated “Look what I did to Bush. I haven’t even started on Hillary Clinton.”

Some of the media have reported that Republican Party officials have been discussing a possible convention to choose a nominee, after which Republican Presidential contender Ben Carson said that if the party is unfair he would leave and run as an independent, just like Trump. Trump has been making statements that if the Party tries to manipulate the outcome, he would run as an independent, thus handing the presidency to the Democrats.

However, he signed a pledge to the party that he would not run as an independent and has reiterated his stance during the last Presidential debate. According to Reuters, even Priebus dismissed the speculation and stated “There is not going to be any independent in the White House. They are either going to be Republican or a Democrat.”

The Republican national convention is scheduled to take place in Cleveland from 18th to 21st of July in order to nominate a candidate that would go against the Democratic nominee in the 8th of November general election.


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