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Republican and Presidential hopeful Chris Christie has called upon a ‘’coalition of the willing’’ on Sunday, in order to fight Islamic State in Iraq. He used the term that was advocated by George W. Bush in his infamous war of Iraq in 2003.

Back in 2003, President George W. Bush has coined the phrase to refer to his allies in the American-led war of Iraq. The war faced a lot of criticism because powerful states such as France and Germany were not on the allies list and only few of the 48 ally countries have sent troops to the Iraq invasion force. Even at the 2004 Presidential Elections, when George W. Bush sought another bid for the White House, during a Presidential debate he tried to defend the Coalition of the Willing with reminding people that Poland was a part of the coalition. The statement of “You forgot Poland” became a real thing for satirists.

George W. Bush’s younger brother, another Republican Presidential hopeful for the 2016 Elections, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, has also stumbled on the topic of the war of Iraq this previous month and was not sure on how to answer the question whether he would have done the same thing as his brother and would have deployed U.S. troops, even with the knowledge that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, who has not yet officially announced his run for the Republican nomination, has stated that at this moment the United States do not have the need to send more troops to Iraq. However, he said that the administration should continue work on gathering the necessary allies that would join the U.S. into the fight.

At the moment, the United States has only few allies of the region in the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, including Sunni Muslims, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

According to Reuters, Christie said “Well, listen, you know, we have got to put together a coalition of the willing, which has been used before … and used successfully in that region,” on ABC’s “This Week.”

Other Republican Presidential hopefuls have joined the call for sending U.S. troops to Iraq, amongst them South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. He called for a deployment of 10,000 Americans in the fight against the Islamic State. According to a source from Reuters, even though Chris Christie has stated that he does not think American politics should focus on sending more troops at this time, he is not firm on the topic. He stated that with doing that would not be helpful at the moment; however he added “you can never rule anything out.”


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