(Photo Credit: REUTERS/Gary Hershorn /Landov) Former New York Governor George Pataki dropped out of the Republican Presidential race on Tuesday while making a statement to NBC affiliates in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the first three states that hold the primary nominating contests in the race for the party’s nomination.

Pataki has alerted his supporters and staff earlier on Tuesday thanking them for their friendship and hard work and according to Reuters, he announced his withdrawal during a TV message to supporters stating “While tonight is the end of my journey for the White House as I suspend my campaign for president, I am confident we can elect the right person, someone who will bring us together.”

Pataki has had a long career in politics with three terms as New York’s Governor, but he was never able to boost his presidential bid. He has been endorsed by moderate Republicans who support the Supreme Court’s decision of legalizing gay marriage, tough gun control and respect women’s rights to choose.

Despite having campaign proposals of simplifying the tax code and repealing Obamacare, he based his campaign on his achievements from more than a decade earlier, like his role in helping New York City after the September 11 terrorist attacks. He did not even succeed to stand out of the Republican field with this hawkish foreign policy, because the rest of the Republican contenders have been trying to outdo each other on who is more militant, with Donald Trump going the furthest in suggesting to go after the families of Muslim people.

Pataki has been calling the 2016 Elections race a reality gong show and has been one of the most vocal critics of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. However, his outspoken personality was not enough to secure him a space at the presidential field.

He has been at the bottom of every poll and has been struggling to raise money for his campaign. He has competed in the undercard Republican debate stage where he took the chance to go after Trump and say that he is unfit for a Republican nominee, let alone to become President of the United States. It is not entirely clear whether Pataki’s withdrawal would make a change in the race, due to his limited support.

George Pataki’s exit is leaving 12 Republicans competing for the GOP presidential nomination, as the race heads towards its first contest, the Iowa caucuses, which are scheduled for the 1st of February.


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