(Photo Credit: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images) The South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has suspended his campaign run for the Republican Presidential nomination on Monday.

According to Reuters, the 60 year old three-term Senator posted a video on YouTube in which he stated “Today, I am suspending my campaign for President.” In an interview with CNN he said “I have hit a wall here.” He added “I am going to suspend my campaign. I am not going to suspend my desire to help the country.”

Graham’s announcement comes in time when the deadline came for him to remove his name from the GOP primary ballot in South Carolina, before he gets a very poor performance in his own home state’s contest, due to low polling numbers.

Senator Graham has entered the Presidential race mainly because of his defense stances and a hawkish foreign policy. He has established himself in the underdog Republican debates and although he has done well on the debates, he failed to capitalize on the momentum and boost his support in the polls.

However, he has stated that he was proud of his practical solutions on immigration and debt. According to Reuters, he stated “I got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war that we cannot afford to lose, and turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party. I believe we have made enormous progress in this effort.”

Leaving the White House race at this moment, Graham is freeing some South Carolina donors and operatives, but has not said anything of a possible endorsement during the primary race, although he has made his disdain for Senator Ted Cruz and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump very clear.
Senator Graham has been very vocal in his criticism of Donald Trump and his stances on banning Muslims from entering the United States. Graham, a very well known neoconservative with an aggressive interventionist foreign policy has apologized to the Muslim world for Trump’s comments on Islam.

However, he never had the chance to face off with Trump at the debates, because of his low polling numbers. A close friend of John McCain, Graham has used his platform to constantly call for a more substantial U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

Graham has stayed at the bottom of the polls, both national and domestic with 0.5 percent of support, despite his experience in national security. His exit leaves 13 Republican contenders for the party’s nomination for the 2016 Elections, with real estate mogul Donald Trump leading in every national poll, trailed by Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, while Jeb Bush and the others are leading struggling campaigns.


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