Scott Walker has entered the Republican race for the 2016 Elections on Monday. His announcement makes him the 15th Republican to join the already packed field of GOP Presidential candidates.

The Wisconsin Governor has enjoyed the support of most of the conservatives from the Republican Party due to his conservative values, which is shown by every poll that makes him a top White House hopeful among the GOP.

Walker has vowed to fight with his conservative values as a President, the same way he has fought unions as a Wisconsin Governor. According to Reuters he said “My record shows that I know to fight and win. Now, more than ever, we need a president who will fight and win for America.”

He was elected Governor in 2010, and re-elected in November of last year and has survived a 2012 recall election due to his challenge to collective bargaining process for public employee union of Wisconsin.

Talking about his humble beginning, he said that from working in McDonald’s, he is on the run for the Republican Presidential nomination and even though he entered the Republican field rather late, he is considered to be one of the major players and contenders for the nomination.

However, his stances on anti-government and anti-union have garnered a lot of criticism, most prominently by the President of the AFL-CIO union alliance, Richard Trumka, who according to Reuters, called Walker a “national disgrace.” During his speech on Monday a plane flew above the event that had a banner that read “Scott Walker has a Koch problem.” The Koch brothers are known to be using their immense wealth for conservative purposes.

He said that his anti-government views are good for Americans and according to Reuters he said “Our big, bold reforms in Wisconsin took the power from the big government special interests and put it firmly into the hands of hard-working taxpayers.” Although, he has vowed to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature health care law and approve the Keystone XL pipeline. His reforms cut taxes, as well as a $250 million from the University of Wisconsin.

Walker, in order to brand himself as a fresh face of the Republican Party, took a dig at the front-runner of the party, Jeb Bush, for being the son and brother of former U.S. presidents and that America does not need a third Bush presidency. According to Reuters he stated “I do not think a name from the past beats a name from the past. I think you need a name from the future.” He hinted that Bush would not be able to beat Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner in the 2016 Elections in November.

The Wisconsin Governor has faced criticism because of his statements that he does not have experience in national security, however h e would fight the Islamic militant groups the same way he has fought unions. He vowed to make an aggressive foreign policy and according to Reuter, he said “The United States needs a foreign policy that puts steel in front of our enemies.” He made remarks that Russia and China would be the ones to feel those kinds of policies, as well as making the radical Islamic terrorism the greatest threat to the U.S.

Scott Walker is the 15th Republican to enter his party’s race for the November 2016 elections and is high in the polls, mostly because of his conservative views for prohibition of gay marriage, ban of unions and support of use of armed forces for foreign intervention.


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