scott-walkerThe Republican Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker will be announcing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on the 13th of July. After many months of research and testing the general public, he will officially start his campaign for the White House.

He is set to make the announcement from Waukesha, Wisconsin and according to his aides he has filed the candidacy documents on Thursday at the Federal Election Commission.

Scott Walker, one of the leading Republican hopefuls in the White House bid race is a favorite of the conservatives and has earned their support in Iowa in January and is still at the top of the opinion polls in Iowa, the state that has the first nomination contest on the 1st of February 2016. The Quinnipiac University has made an opinion poll this Wednesday and according to it Walker has lost a couple of points since the last poll, but is still supported by 18% of his fellow Republicans in the Midwestern state of Iowa. However, the second state that holds the primary contests is NewHampshire, which as a state does not have many conservative Republicans that are overwhelmed by Walker. This means that in order to get the Republican nomination, he must win big in Iowa.

According to Reuters, Walkers does not consider the opinion polls as something to worry about, because there are many Republican nominees that have jumped in the race in the previous period and says that it is normal for a large field. He said “I think that shows a lot of enthusiasm not just in Iowa, but across the country for Americans.”

Walker, as the 15th Republican to jump in the 2016 elections race, has been promoting his record with the big win against his 2012 recall effort with his challenge of the collective bargaining process for public unions in Wisconsin. He also considers himself as very different from his rivals, primarily the Republican front-runner, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and according to Reuters he stated that America needs some like him, “someone new and fresh”.

However, even though he has gathered many supporters among the conservative Republicans, he has lost a lot among other Republicans. After the Supreme Court rulings issued the previous week, most notably the ruling on the prohibition of banning gay marriage nationwide, Walker has called for constitutional amendments to let states decide for themselves on marriage laws. Even though Republicans are opposing the Supreme Court decision and called for religious freedom, they are taking a neutral position on the matter, because of growing public support got gay marriage, something Scott Walker is not taking into consideration and, thus, alienates himself from a large field of Republicans.

Walker met with President Obama on Thursday during a visit of Wisconsin and in a public speech, Obama criticized Walker of having not so good tax cuts policy and the unemployment rate. He also made remarks on the challenge to the collective bargaining process for most public union that Walker has made and according to Reuters, Obama said “We have to protect and not attack a worker’s right to organize.”

Walker is to announce his candidacy on Monday and jump into the overcrowded Republican pack of Presidential nominees, something President Obama has described as the actual Hunger Games, in comparison to the healthy competition over at the Democratic Party.



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