The gruesome terrorist attacks in Paris by the Islamic State and the Syrian refugee crisis took center stage in the 2016 Elections campaigns on Sunday, with the majority of Republicans bashing President Barack Obama plans to take in Syrian refugees and Hillary Clinton’s policy of foreign affairs with the Middle East.

The Republican fire came after the Paris attacks where a passport was uncovered at the site a suicide bomber attacked civilians. The passport was of a Syrian refugee that was registered transiting in Lesbos, Greece and made his way to France.

According to Reuters, Republicans used the chance to voice their opposition to the 10,000 Syrian immigrants that the White House has said it will take over the course of the next year. Dr. Ben Carson, a Republican Presidential hopeful stated “Bringing people into this country from that area of the world I think is a huge mistake.”

He was joined in the remarks by Senator Lindsey Graham who bashed Hillary Clinton for being disconnected from the issue and that she won’t embrace boots on the ground. During the second Democratic debate frontrunner Hillary Clinton has stated that she has asked President Obama to take in 65,000 refugees, only if there is a careful and strict screening and vetting process and reiterated that ISIS cannot be contained, it must be defeated.

Marco Rubio also said that America should not take any refugees because the vetting and screening process can have mistakes. According to Reuters, he said “You can have a thousand people come in and 999 of them are just poor people fleeing oppression and violence, but one of them is an ISIS fighter. … If that is the case, you have a problem.”

However, according to Reuters, Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser to Obama said that the vetting process is thorough and called for a more humanitarian stance. He said “We are also dealing with people who have suffered the horrors of war, women and children, orphans. We can’t just shut our doors to those people.” The screening outposts have been announced by the administration earlier this month and they are to be established in Iraq and Lebanon.

The deadly attacks in Paris, which left more than 130 people dead on Friday, may well change the course of the Presidential race, because Republican Presidential contenders are arguing that the Obama administration has misjudged the Islamic State and urge for a more direct U.S. involvement in the Middle East in order to defeat the ISIS extremists. They also argue that the cause of the issue is radical Islam.

The Paris events will put a new emphasis on issues including national security, counterterrorism and border control.


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