Conservative Republicans have revolted on Wednesday at the initial debate in Congress for the Iran nuclear deal and have delayed the voting on the resolution of disapproval that would kill the deal.

During the initial procedural motion to start off the debate on the Iran agreement, conservative Republicans have said that there wasn’t enough information concerning the deal and called on President Barack Obama to provide more details on secret side deals of the nuclear agreement.

Due to this development, the House Republican leaders have come up with a plan to vote on a measure that Barack Obama has violated the law by not providing all of the details of the agreement, as well as a measure that would prevent Obama from lifting sanction on Iran. They also said that they are going to vote on the resolution of approval only to demonstrate that a majority of the House of Representatives is in opposition of the deal. None of these measures will affect the deal immediately.

The Iran deal was signed by the United States and five other global powers in order to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange of sanction relief. Obama signed the Iran Nuclear Review Act, which opened a 60-day window for Congress to vote on the deal. The Act provides a possibility of a resolution of disapproval which would kill the deal. It also provides a resolution of approval, which if faces opposition would still allow Obama to lift the economic sanctions on Iran.

According to Reuters, the group of conservative Republicans led by Representative Peter Roskam, said that the Obama administration was not fully transparent on the accord and said that it actually contain “secret side deals” concerning nuclear inspections. Roskam stated “He hasn’t complied with the law. So, the Iran Review Act isn’t triggered because he’s not disclosed what’s required under the law.”

Some of the Republicans also said that they are planning lawsuits of the Obama administration for not enclosing all details.

These suggestions have been dismissed by the White House and according to Reuters, spokesman Eric Schultz said “If Congress does not vote, this agreement goes into effect.”

According to Reuters, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agrees that the opposition must act immediately and said “As I understand the law … we have to act before the 17h of September, which is next week, or the deal goes forward.”

However, even if Senate filibusters the measure, Obama has promised a veto to the disapproval which must be backed by at least 32 Senators; to be overridden there must be a two-thirds vote in Congress and up until now 133 House Democrats have come out in support of the deal. Obama has already gathered 42 votes in the Senate, meaning that the resolution of disapproval, which needs to be passed in both chambers of Congress, will not be accepted in the Senate.

If the House does not vote on the deal prior to the 17th of September, the deal would go into full effect, which means the economic sanctions against Iran would be lifted. The conservative revolt comes in time when Obama has gained the support of 42 Democrats in the Senate, which is more than enough to block the resolution of disapproval.


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