"immigration-bill-us-polics-news"Members of the Republican party, buoyed by a federal judge’s action, have said that they intend to renew their attack on the immigration bill proposed by President Barack Obama.

The conservatives are looking to tackle the immigration plans next week despite knowing that doing so would substantially increase the risk of a partial Department of Homeland Security shutdown on February 27.

According to Reuters, a temporary court order on Monday blocking Obama’s executive actions lifting the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants has bolstered conservative support for a House of Representatives-passed Homeland Security spending bill that bans spending on Obama’s actions.

The court ruling “gives momentum to our position,” said Representative Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican to Reuters, who heads a group of about 35 hard line conservatives known as the House Freedom Caucus.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus have pledged not to deviate from their demands which have seen Senate Democrats, who have blocked the House bill three times, drop their objections and pass it.

President Obama is holding firm on his immigration plans and has promised to veto any funding bill that blocks his executive orders, meanwhile other Democrats have not demonstrated any sign of reversing their decision.

“The conservative Republicans won this round. So why are people now looking at us to change the bill that we passed?” said Representative Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina to Reuters, adding that was the “overwhelming consensus” expressed on the call.

According to Reuters, House Speaker John Boehner said he hoped the ruling would convince Senate Democrats to allow the House bill to proceed. Republican House members will discuss their next move when they return from a holiday break next week, leadership aides said.

Problems are set to occur with the entire issue when it comes around to midnight on February 27, the deadline for the expiry of Homeland Security funding.  If the funding is not approved again then up to 30,000 employees of the state would be left in limbo however it is assured that many of the department’s critical protective missions would continue uninterrupted, including airport and border security and Coast Guard patrols.

However while the entities may still be functioning the employees performing these functions would not be paid until funding is restored.

According to Reuters, a CNN/ORC poll taken last week found 53 percent of Americans would blame congressional Republicans for any Homeland Security shutdowns, while only 30 percent would blame Obama. That is in line with historical patterns for previous federal agency shutdowns, which have been blamed by the public on Republicans.


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