"bill-cassidy-louisiana"The Republican party continue to see their success in the polls with another win for the party in Louisiana.

Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy has won the Louisiana U.S. Senate runoff, with the win marking another achievement for the Republicans since the mid term elections in November.

While it is time for celebration for the Republicans, the win in Louisiana means that the Democrats lost their last remaining southern party member.

Bill Cassidy beat Mary Landrieu and sees the number of Republicans in the Senate now rise to 54.

Mary Landrieu was a three term incumbent who ran her campaign on pushing for the Keystone XL pipeline to be approved.

Bill Cassidy employed the clearly successful tactic of linking his opponent directly to President Obama who is massively unpopular with white members of the Louisiana voters.  In the end Cassidy was able to take the seat by 12 percentage points to leave the Democrats with another heavy loss.

Bill Cassidy told his supporters in Baton Rouge after finding out about his win: “This victory happened because people in Louisiana voted for a government which serves us but does not tell us what to do.”

Cassidy is now the ninth Republican to take a previously Democratic seat this year.

According to Reuters: Landrieu, 59, had been fighting to remain one of only two Democratic senators from the southeastern U.S. – a party stronghold a generation ago – after losses last month by Democratic incumbents in Arkansas and North Carolina.

“It has been nothing but a joy to serve this state for over 34 years,” Landrieu said before supporters in New Orleans, referring to a political career that began in the Louisiana state Legislature in 1980.

Landrieu was the top Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee but was able to use her influence to get the result that she was looking for regarding the XL Pipeline deal.

According to Reuters, just days before the runoff she seized on allegations that Cassidy, a medical doctor, falsified some time sheets and failed to file others for a part-time Louisiana State University hospital job. Cassidy has denied the allegations, which the school says it is reviewing.

Problems for the Democrats also came on a financial level with Landrieu receiving very little from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to help her to fight her campaign on an even playing field.

Meanwhile, Bill Cassidy did not face similar financial issues and he was able to pay for a number of adverts to support his case, one of which included an anti-Landrieu message.


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