Republican Presidential Rick Perry on Friday dropped out of the GOP race for the Party’s Presidential nomination for 2016 Elections, due to funding struggles and lingering at the bottom of Republican opinion polls.

The former Texas Governor is the first White House hopeful to end his campaign trail after having campaign finance trouble and being excluded from last month’s primary prime-time Republican debate, because he showed continuing lack in support at the opinion polls.

Only days before the second Republican debate, Perry announced that he is ending his second bid for the Presidency mainly because he was running low on funding. He had to stop paying his staff in the primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina, because his funds were very limited. Some of his staff remained as volunteers and some left for other more successful campaigns.

According to Reuters, during a speech in St. Louise, Missouri he stated “Today I am suspending my campaign for the presidency of the United States.” He also added that he is happy with the Republican candidates and said “I step aside knowing our party is in good hands, and as long as we listen to the grassroots, the cause of conservativism will be too.” He assured the crowd that he is not sorry, nor regretful for making this decision and that it was “a privilege and an honor” to run again.

Perry’s first bid for the presidency in 2012 was marked by his “oops” moment during the Republican Presidential debates when he started naming the government departments that he would eliminate, saying that he would eliminate three, but could not name the third one and said that he cannot remember. This unfortunately did not give voters the confidence that he would be able to tackle the top job in government.

Also his last campaign in 2012 was much more successful with him surging high at the polls. However, with Donald Trump’s wave of supporters, Perry stood no chance of replicating his previous run.

The former Governor based his campaign on his economic success in Texas, even though he was charged with abuse of power during his gubernatorial tenure. His rhetoric included call for state’s rights, black voters, even though he owns a family hunting camp that bears a racial slur as a name, called n-word head. He also propagates voter ID laws which affect black people the most. Making his speech about immigration he said he will push for tighter border controls and conservative immigration policies. He is a strong opponent of Social Security and Medicare, as well as the advocating for annulling the Iran nuclear agreement.

Being the first to admit that he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination among a field of 17 Republican hopefuls, Perry suspended his campaign and being the former Governor of Texas and not raising enough money, only time will tell when the other candidates will start dropping out.


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