"marco rubio"Republican presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio, has been making moves to court a socially liberal faction of his party that represents gay conservatives.

According to a report by Reuters, senior staff of the Senator from Florida, have been holding meetings with the Log Cabin Republicans “going back some time”, their executive director, Gregory Angelo, told Reuters.

The meetings with the advocacy group were to discuss legislation, issues and opportunities to “partner on,” Angelo said, however there was no comment made from the office of Mark Rubio, highlighting the difficult line Republicans need to tread when it comes to more liberal issues.

The Republican party have found themselves in a difficult position regarding any of their presidential candidates, because while the traditionally conservative support will give them a large amount of votes, this will not be enough to secure the position in the White House.  This means that more liberal Republicans will be needed to boost the numbers and to help support a Republican in the White House.

One area where there is always tension within the Republican party is on the issue of gay marriage and in the past it has been a given that Republican members are opposed to any form of gay marriage, however times appear to be changing, especially if the moves by Marco Rubio are anything to go by.

According to Reuters, facing an electorate that has sharply altered its views on the issue since the turn of the century, even Rubio, who has long opposed gay marriage, has softened his rhetoric, saying last week that he would attend a gay wedding of a loved one.

And then in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday he said he believed “that sexual preference is something that people are born with” and is not a choice for most people.

It appears that Rubio may be making steps forward within the republican party but whether or not he will be able to still have the support of traditional Republicans is unknown.  There is also the issue of just how seriously he will be taken by the left as it could be seen simply as a ploy to win re votes.

“To the right it sounds mealy mouthed, and to the left sounds patronizing,” said Martin Cothran, a senior policy analyst for the socially conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky to Reuters.


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