A biker rally in Iowa has shown that Republican Scott Walker is the favorite to win the GOP candidacy for the 2016 Elections. Six other presidential hopefuls from the Republican Party have attended the event and held speeches, with Walker being the only one not officially to announce his candidacy.

The political event was held on Saturday as the inaugural “Roast and Ride”. The event is organized by U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, where 300 bikers with Harley-Davidsons travel 39 miles and attend a barbecue. Walker was the only GOP presidential hopeful that led his on motorcycle ride and later gave a speech. Amongst them were Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry and Ben Carson.

It seems that Scott Walker received the support for early voting in Iowa according to Reuters and the polls in Iowa show that he is a leader of the pack with a 7 percent lead in front of the other tightly bunched candidates.

Scott Walker, famous for taking on labor unions has remarked on topics such as voting, the war in Iraq and building a new sports arena with taxpayer funds.

The Wisconsin governor has stated that he does not want to rule out the possible full blown re-invasion of Iraq and that if he becomes the next commander-in-chief, he would consider protecting the American security with sending troops abroad. He also defended the approval of $250 million in taxpayer funds to build an arena for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.

He also remarked on the statement made earlier by Hillary Clinton that he was responsible for making voting harder for minorities in Wisconsin and cutting the period for early voting shorter. He said that he made the voting process easier, and with a less probability of making a voting fraud.

He bashed Jeb Bush for having the fortune to have inherited his name and that the only thing he has inherited from his family was the belief that if you play by the rules you can do anything in America.

According to Reuters, political veterans have stated that the popularity Walker enjoys comes from his Midwestern background and is everything that the Republican base approves, and is supported by pragmatic establishment voters and all social and religious conservatives.

However, he still has to show strength in events that go head to head with other candidates and not events like this one, even though, according to Reuters, he has dodges questions if he would take participation in the state’s straw poll in August.

The Wisconsin Governor has yet to announce his candidacy and has stated that he will do so after the end of this month. After this initial lead at a big stage event, it will get harder for him once the candidates move on the face-to-face campaigning in states such as Iowa.


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