The second Republican Presidential debate on Wednesday hosted by CNN proved to be yet another debacle with no meaning that centered on personal attacks rather than giving policy messages.

The debate that took place on the 16th of September at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California focused on another Republican insurgency, this time for Presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina.

The frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the 2016 Elections Donald Trump has maintained his place, but was subject to many attacks by Fiorina, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the first major attack on Trump at the Republican debates.

Fiorina, who rose in the national polls after her performance in the first Republican debate last month as part of the B group, was now allowed to participate in the main debate of high pollers and come out as a leader of the wave of attacks aimed at Donald Trump.

She was praised by the social media as being the strongest candidate at the debate and reiterated her record at Hewlett-Packard, stating that Trump’s casino business does not show such good records.

According to Reuters, she addressed Trump’s comments on her appearance and said “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.” She also added that Trump’s bankruptcy records show that he is not the businessman he thinks he is and said “Why should we trust you?”

Trump was also bashed by Jeb Bush for his casino gambling business stating “He asked Florida to have casino gambling and we said no.”

Trump retaliated with stating that Bush is very low-energy and that he did not support the war in Iraq which Bush’s older brother, former President George W. Bush started.

According to Reuters, Bush defended his brother stating “He kept us safe”, to which Trump replied “Do you feel safer now? I don’t feel so safe.”

Trump also took another dig at the personal appearance of Libertarian Rand Paul, who in retaliation said that Trump is a “sophomore” who only criticizes people’s appearance. Paul also said that the Iran deal is to be enforced now that Congress has failed to disapprove it.

The candidates used the debate to disagree on the government shutdown because of Planned Parenthood and John Kasich said that he does not think the shutdown would work, but Cruz argued that they should stop surrendering and start standing for Republican principles.

According to Reuters, before the prime-time debate, the lowest polling candidates had a debate and Bobby Jindal stated that Trump will never win the Republican nomination. He said “Let’s stop treating Donald Trump like a Republican. He’s not a conservative. He’s not a liberal. He’s not a Democrat. He’s not a Republican. He’s not independent. He believes in Donald Trump.”

The national polls show Trump’s lead with 32%, Ben Carson trailing behind him with 15% and Bush in third place with 9%.

The Republican candidates all struggled to gain some momentum during their campaign trails, but have been overshadowed by the real estate mogul Donald Trump and his politically incorrect rhetoric. Contenders such as Cruz, Rubio and Bush have lost support due to Trump’s unorthodox campaign, which only demonstrates the power of outsider candidates who largely disassociate from the Republican establishment


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