Senate Democrats rallied successfully with U.S. President Barack Obama in ensuring his victory on the historic nuclear deal with Iran and five other world powers.

Barack Obama achieved his victory over the nuclear deal dispute among Democrat and Republican Congressmen on Thursday, with Senate Democrats blocking the Republican effort to vote on a resolution of disapproval which would have killed the deal and Obama’s ability to lift economic sanctions on Iran.

Obama managed to gather the necessary 41 Senators in support of the deal so that the resolution would end its track there. However, Republican led House of Representatives had a symbolic vote for disapproval of the deal with a vote of 245 Republicans in favor of disapproval and 186 Democrats against the disapproval. The Republican voting was strictly along party lines, despite some Republicans claiming that the 60 day window period for reviewing the deal since its agreement. The disapproval has to get majority in both chambers of Congress in order for the deal to be rejected.

According to Reuters, President Obama said that this is a great victory for diplomacy and the safety and security of the United States and the American people. He stated “I am heartened that so many senators judged this deal on the merits, and I am gratified by the strong support of the lawmakers and citizens alike.” He also issued a statement on Friday after the vote in the House of Representatives where Republicans rejected the deal and said that the vote only shows the growing support of the people for the Iran nuclear deal. He stated “Today’s vote in the House of Representatives is the latest indication that the more members have studied the historic deal that will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the more they have come out in support of it.”

According to Reuters, Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell said that the fight will continue and that next time Democrats would reconsider their stances. He stated “We’ll revisit the issue next week and see if maybe any folks want to change their mind.” On the other hand Senate Democrat leader harry Reid said that there won’t be any change and that this is the end. He stated “This matter is over with. This is a situation where he’s (McConnell) lost the vote and it’s a situation where he is not in touch with reality as it exists.”

In case the deal is rejected by Congress, Obama has promised early on that he will veto it and in order to sustain the veto he would need the support of at least 34 Senators.

The leaders of France, Britain, and Germany on Thursday said that the deal is the best there is and according to Reuters they said “This is an important moment. It is a crucial opportunity at a time of heightened global uncertainty to show what diplomacy can achieve.” They also added “Two years of tough, detailed negotiation have produced an agreement that closes off all possible routes to an Iranian nuclear weapon in return for phased relief from nuclear-related sanction.”

This is possibly the greatest foreign policy legacy of President Barack Obama. The White House and his administration are to begin the process of lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Iran next week.


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