"white-house-congress-news"When you are thinking for running for President of the United States you need to have a good team behind you to help with the campaign but the unusually large field of candidates coming forward for the Republican party has created a shortage of good campaign staff.

At the moment there are more than 10 different Republican members who are seriously considering running for President in the 2016 election which has led to a scramble to find the very best staff to help with the campaigns.

According to a report by Reuters, the potential candidates are struggling to sort through the rosters of campaign veterans in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire and elsewhere in a talent search that reflects the fact that the Republican field for 2016 is the largest in recent memory.

This has led to this stage of the campaign being dubbed as a “staff primary” as candidates try to source the very best in fund raisers, digital marketers and experienced campaigners to work on the election prospects of each candidate.

“There is a known universe of operatives with many of them headquartered in early primary states,” said Republican strategist Kevin Madden to Reuters, a senior adviser to Mitt Romney in his 2012 presidential campaign. “Right now I think the contest is focused on all the candidates trying to go after that universe of staffers.”

According to Reuters, as many as 21 Republicans are in various stages of considering a presidential run, far more than the dozen or so who gave it a go four years ago. Of these, probably 10 or 12 are really serious and the rest are testing the waters or are trying to promote their personal brand and this will mean that a considerable amount of staff will be needed to help head campaigns.

There is a broad choice from the Republicans being fielded with everyone from  former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, to libertarian Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a Fox News personality.

What makes the Republican field so strange in this election is that so there has not been a single declaration of interest from the Democrats, although many are touting Hillary Clinton as being a favourite to run in the election.

The lack of early interest from Democrat candidates means that there will be many members of staff available on this side of the fence to help with the campaigns but we will have to wait and see who wins the battle of the staff on the Republican side and this could prove to be very telling as to who is a serious contender for the White House.


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