"shutdown-talks-continue"The US Senate has failed to finalise a spending bill which would avoid another government shutdown, with the final decision to be taken on Monday.

There is still a real possibility that there could be a federal government shutdown if the politicians fail to come to some sort of agreement regarding the $1.1 trillion spending bill.

It had been hoped that the negotiations between the members of the Democrats and of the Republicans could have been sped up but late night talks once again did not lead to a final decision and vote of approval.

For the entire week there has been problems relating to the passing of the spending bill.  At some points it has appeared that progress has been made but it has been a case of one step forward, two steps back as neither party backs down on their key issues.

According to Reuters, some senators, angered over the bill’s easing of a “Dodd-Frank” bank regulation law requirement, wanted a shot at removing the provision.

But demands from some conservative Republicans for a separate vote on an amendment to immediately defund President Barack Obama’s implementation of a recently announced immigration program further stymied the bill’s progress earlier in the week.

Existing funds to keep the American government functioning came to an end on Saturday night but special measures to keep federal agencies in operation beyond this date, have been brought in as a temporary measure.

The stop gap measure to keep agencies working will allow the politicians a little more time to iron out the finer details of the spending bill but they only have until the middle of next week before the time and the money runs out.

The 1,603-page spending bill, which is being negotiated by Republican and Democratic appropriators and leaders, only narrowly passed the House on Thursday following a battle that exposed fraying unity in Obama’s Democratic Party.

According to Reuters, Democrats ae aware of the need for unity when Republicans take full control of Congress next year after their midterm election gains and have tried to tamp down speculation of a lasting split between Obama and Pelosi. One leadership aide said Pelosi had fired a warning shot to Republicans that House Democrats would fight hard in the new year.


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  • Michelleme

    It seems like politics is a dance of avoiding, postponing, and arguing. No wonder Americans are tired of politicians and cynical about change. I hope there’s not another shutdown. It’s so wasteful.

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