obamacare-supreme-courtThe Supreme Court is set to issue rulings on a few cases until the end of June, including the decision on a central part of the Obama Care healthcare law, a signature legacy of President Barack Obama. U.S. Senate Democrats are saying that if the Supreme Court decides to invalidate the law, they are ready to make new legislation.

The High Court will rule on the case King vs. Burwell, challenging tax subsidies that help Americans gets health insurance with the 2010 Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care. The case plaintiffs are arguing that the law restricts subsidies to states that have an established health insurance exchange under the law. This means that insurance companies would abandon marketplaces across the nation, making the policy holders see their premiums triple.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of invalidating the law, 6.4 million of low and middle income citizens in 34 states will lose their tax subsidies and their insurance, using the federal health insurance exchange.

U.S. Senate Democrats are hoping that the Court will rule in favor of those 6.4 million Americans and will not take away their health insurance. According to Reuters, Senate Democratic leader Dick Durbin has stated “The Supreme Court, I am hopeful and confident, will rule the right way. If they do not, we are ready to move on it quickly.” He also state that if the administration looses the battle over the Obama Care case, they will offer a short piece of legislation that marks tax subsidies as available to people on the federal exchange. He said “It is one sentence and it is already been written. I hope we do not need it.”

The Democratic Leader in the House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi, has also stated that she is confident that the Court will not kick more than six million Americans out of having health insurance, according to Drew Hamill, the spokesman for Pelosi.

On the other hand, Republicans are opposing the health care law ever since its beginning and have stated that they have a plan for further legislation, but have not given any specifics, saying that they will decide on further action after the Court rules, but are sure that they would allow the subsidies for another two years and after Obama’s term they plan to make a conservative approach to healthcare and dismantle Obama Care completely. They are hoping that the Supreme Court will damage the law with one blow, something they have been trying to do so unsuccessfully almost five years since the inception of Obama Care.

The Affordable Care Act is considered to have become part of the foundation of the American dream and Barack Obama is hoping that it will be his legacy of the expansion of health care coverage to millions of Americans in generations to come, as it has become a reality for millions.


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