"larry-hogan-us-politics"A report from the Washington Post has stated that the Maryland Governor-elect, Larry Hogan, promises that he will deliver on his campaign pledge to roll back taxes.

The promise from Larry Hogan comes at a time when there are shortfalls in the budget which would only be made worse by any future tax cuts.

In a bid to balance the books, the real estate business man said that he would be cutting government spending in the state while also working to make savings through running the government more efficiently.

One of the first taxes that he plans to cut is the so called “rain tax” which was a fee brought in to respond to the Environmental Protection Agency needs to reduce the amount of storm water pollutions from entering into the Chesapeake Bay according to the Washington Post.

Larry Hogan will take up his place in office in January and has said that he is waiting for his team to come together with results before he can make any final decisions on where budget cuts would be made within the government.

Not many people thought that Larry Hogan would win the election for Governor of Maryland as he beat Lieutenant-Governor Anthony Brown to take his seat as Governor.

Maryland is traditionally a Democrat stronghold and the win of a Republican in this area was seen as a shock to the system.

Many politicians are accused of making promises that they cannot keep in the run up to elections.  The practice has made it common for the voters not to trust election pledges as some of the more enticing ones, such as tax cuts, have been found hard to implement once in office.

The reiteration of the pledge to cut taxes by Larry Hogan is a demonstration of his confidence to be able to make wide reaching cuts within government itself which may be harder than first thought to be able to make.

Commentators are hoping that he will be able to use his skills as a business man and negotiator in the world of real estate to make true on his pre election tax cut promises but there will be equally as many waiting to see him fail in his daunting task.


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