"tea-party-republican-politics-news"The so called “Tea Party Republicans” who were responsible for leading the way to the 16 day government shutdown which occurred last year are now said to be taking a more pragmatic approach according to Reuters.

The group are said to be looking at weighing up different options in a response to fight the immigration bill being pushed by President Obama without leading to a total government shut down again.

So far the Tea Party Republicans have moved to block government funding in September 2013 in their bid to stop the Obama health care reforms and while they intend to do their best to stop the immigration plans it looks unlikely that they will go as far as to shut down government to do so.

While many people in the US may have agreed with the Republicans in wanting to halt the health care reform, the shut down of the government because of it was seen by many as going too far and creating huge problems for the country as a whole.

Now even the most hard lining Republicans are said to be considering talking about a short-term funding fix that would keep the government running into early next year, when the party takes control of the Senate and prevent a shutdown over the issue according to Reuters.

The government’s funding authority expires on December 11 and this will provide possible leverage to opponents of Obama’s plan to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States.

“I don’t think anybody is thinking about a shutdown,” said Representative Raul Labrador, an influential Tea Party Republican who voted against the deal to end last year’s shutdown to Reuters

Reuters reports that representative Marlin Stutzman, who also advocated a hard line on Obamacare last year, however, backed Boehner’s two-tier approach that secures most government funding through September 2015, but gives Republicans some leverage next year.

When the Republicans take over control in both of the houses they will have more power to overturn decisions by the president and to block legislation plans.  It would be foolish of the party to push too hard at the moment and to upset the voting population when an easier path to change is approaching in the New Year.

Representative Randy Hultgren of Illinois, another conservative who voted against reopening the government last year, told Reuters that there was “no appetite” for a shutdown.

“We’re taking this issue seriously but also realizing that we’ve got limited options and making sure that we are wise in using those options,” he said.


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