Photo credit: AP
Photo credit: AP

Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination for the 2016 Elections got yet another protest during a campaign rally, because of his harsh immigration policies.

The real estate mogul and businessmen who climbed at the top of the national opinion polls in a few short months because of his conservative principles and attracted large crowds with his political incorrectness, held a campaign rally in Dallas at the American Airlines Center sports arena.

In the divided city of Dallas, 42% of the population are Latinos, yet there were only few at the Trump rally, largely because of the immigration stance Trump took when he announced his Presidential Campaign on the 16th of June and said that he would build a big wall on the border between Mexico and the United States to keep out all illegal immigrants. He continued to call the Mexican people rapists, criminals and people that bring disease in the country and used terms like “anchor babies”.

The crowd cheered as Trump held his speech about immigration and according to Reuters said that it is about time to stop illegal immigration and that “it is a massive problem.” He vowed to deport 11 million illegal immigrants from the United States and keep them out with building a wall. As the rally came to an end, Trump’s supporters started to exit the arena, but were met with a large group of Latino protesters who were organized by the North Texas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens. The police had a struggle with keeping the two parties separate, so that the clash would not escalate.

According to Reuters, Karina Ramirez, a local reporter for the Spanish language newspaper al Dia was among the 20,000 people that came at the rally to try and find some Latino supporters. She asked a woman whether she was a Trump supporter who replied with “Of course not!” She was lucky to find a couple, Davina Saenz, 28 and Ebaristo Torres, 35, both Latinos who said that they support Trump wholeheartedly. Saenz said “He’s really speaking about change”, and Torres said “I feel the need to protect my border.” However, Saenz added “My mom, she’s so anti-Trump.” Trump’s speech was focused on trade deals with China and Japan and promised to renegotiate a better deal and vowed to replace President Barack Obama’s signature health care act. He also told Republicans that he is just getting started with his harsh policies as a rebuttal to GOP officials telling him to tone down on the rhetoric.


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