Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican Party Presidential nomination, on Friday broke from the Republican pack on important stances like the Iran nuclear agreement and gay marriage.

The real estate developer while being a guest on MSNBC, just a day after signing his pledge of loyalty to the Republican Party, said that he would not rip out the Iran nuclear deal like all of his Republicans rivals. Instead, he said that even though it is “a disastrous and a horrible deal”, he would work it out, because there is a lot of money at play.

According to Reuters, he stated “I love to buy bad contract where key people go bust, and I make those contracts good. “ He vowed to enforce the deal in a very strict manner, that he would constantly inspect Iran on its nuclear program. He has also stated in his campaign that he would take all the oil Iran is producing and bring it to America, once he become the next U.S. President.

He also spoke about the Federal court decision of imprisoning Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who denied issuing a marriage license to a gay couple, because of her religious belief. Gay marriage is something that the conservative Republicans are most vocal about and all of them vow to undo the Supreme Court ruling on making gay marriage the law of the land.

According to Reuters, regarding this question, Trump said “We are a nation of laws. You have to go with it. The decision’s been made and that’s the law of the land.” He also added that Kim Davis could have found an alternative solution to the problem and simply delegated her authority to her deputies for them to sign the paperwork.

Trump also addressed the humanitarian crisis that is happening in Europe and Africa right now, with thousands and thousands of Middle Eastern refugees flooding Europe. He said that maybe America ought to help, but that there were only limited options because America has its own immigration crisis. According to Reuters, he stated “We have our own problems, we have so many problems to solve. Our country is broken.”

He reiterated that he is in this campaign to win and to make America great again and stated “I am not taking anything for granted. I understand that this is a marathon.”

Trump making such statements and breaking from the Republican field of hopefuls and the traditional policies and values that they hold is something that could easily cost him the large support he has been enjoying since his campaign announcement. It seems that Jeb Bush’s claims that Trump was once a Democrat are not far from the truth. He still holds Democratic ideals and his stances could get him in trouble with the Republican establishment.



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