The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that Donald Trump is the candidate that Republicans would vote for President , to manage the economy and the foreign policy of the United States.

The poll was conducted after the third Republican Presidential debate, from the 28th of October until the 2nd of November. Trump was favored by 31% of those Republicans surveyed, followed by Dr. Ben Carson with 18%, Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush with 10% each.

Businessman and real estate mogul Donald Trump has been leading the Republican field of candidates in the race for the 2016 Elections Republican Party nomination ever since he announced his campaign this summer. His stances on immigration and foreign policy have garnered the support of conservatives, but his long-standing business record has even appealed to more moderate Republicans, thus opening the opportunity of a momentum to grow his campaign even further.

According to Reuters, one of the questions that those surveyed had answered was whether they would trust a candidate to manage the American economy and 59% said that they would only trust Donald Trump. The gap between him and the second place is substantial, with Carson scoring 36%, Rubio 27% and Fiorina 25%.

Republicans have stated that because Trump is such a good businessman they would trust him with foreign policy as well, especially the negotiation of trade agreements or handling the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Another question focused on Commander In Chief duties and Republicans picked Trump and Carson as the first choice for the position, with 40% each. Republicans also think that Trump would be the best choice for President when it comes to dealing with foreign leaders. He received 41% of the supporters, while a close second is Carson with 39%. Marco Rubio, who served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is in third place with 31%.

On the topic of nuclear weapons, 34% of Republicans believe that Trump is the candidate to trust, while 39% said that Carson will be the best Republican choice for the proverbial button.

On the whole, the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that Trump has the support of 22% of those surveyed and that he along with Carson had the greatest benefits from the Republican debates. 31% said that they had a more positive attitude towards Carson after the debate and Trump trailed slightly behind with 29%.

The Republican debates left Jeb Bush with the most negative comments, with 29% of those surveyed that said they changed their opinion about Bush and made it more negative.


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