military-personnel-holding-the-us-flag-iraq-flagThe House of Representatives has rejected the resolution on Wednesday with which President Barack Obama would be forced to pull out all American troops from Syria and Iraq in one month.

The bipartisan resolution was co-sponsored by Democrats Jim McGovern of Massachusetts and Barbara Lee of California and Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina. The measure was supposed to withdraw 3,500 U.S. troops that have been working with the Iraqi army in that region against the fight of the Islamic State. The resolution would have forced the President to pull out all American troops in one month since its approval or by the end of 2015 if the President deems that the abrupt removal of troops is not safe.

The resolution failed with 288-139 vote with the support of 120 Democrat and 19 Republican votes and block from 222 Republican and 66 Democrat votes.

Barack Obama started air strikes against the Islamic State in August of last year and only a week ago he has deployed an additional 450 U.S. troops in order to assist and advice Iraqi troops. Since the first deployment of troops, there has not been any debate or vote in Congress of an authorization for the use of military force. Democrats are criticizing other legislators of not taking action since February when Obama proposed his own draft authorization to Congress.

The White House prefers a new force authorization by Congressional vote, but even without it, the executive has a right to launch military missions in the region with the congressional permissions from the 9/11 attacks against the militant groups of Al-Qaeda.

According to Reuters, there are major concerns in Congress after the deployment of 450 U.S. troops to Iraq and legislators that have introduced this measure thought that it would be a means to force a broader public debate which until now has been nonexistent in Congress. The co-sponsor Jim McGovern has stated that it Congress is not brave enough to vote or even hold a debate over the use of military force, we should not expect U.S. to risk their lives and be put in such a dangerous situation.

With a full two hour floor debate, the Congress has shown no will to take part in the action and seize the opportunity to make things right. Congress must take immediate action to make formal authorization for the use of military force in the region of Iraq and Syria and vote on a new War Powers Authorization resolution. This means that with the AUMF, Congress would set parameters of war and with that it would take the responsibility that has been vested in the Congress by the U.S. Constitution.


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