(Credit: AP Photo/Tran Van Minh.)
(Credit: AP Photo/Tran Van Minh.)

It has been 20 years since The leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam will make a visit of Washington next week and will meet with U.S. President Barack Obama. The visit will be a major step in improving the Asian alliance in a time when China is becoming a global force.

the U.S. and Vietnam have started having diplomatic relations and a normalization of ties after the period of being enemies in war. Only in the past year the American foreign policy has bolstered the relations with Vietnam. This visit is scheduled to take place from the 6th, until the 10th of July. The trip follows a yearlong sovereignty battle between China and Vietnam, after China put an oil rig on Vietnamese territory.

The Communist Party chief, Nguyen Phu Trong, at Barack Obama’s request will have a visit to the White House where they will discuss very important matters that have been described as crucial and according to Reuters, a senior state department official has said that Obama expects a “very big picture conversation.” Even though the Communist Party leader is not part of the government and will not have a protocol, he will be treated as equal to a country leader.

According to Reuters, the State Department official told reporters that the Communist Party leader is “The top guy and this is a pretty big event. There was a broad agreement that it made sense to treat him and treat the visit as the visit of the leader of the country. We don’t view the meeting as a reward for the Vietnamese. We view it much more as continuing engagement.”

The United States have changed the course of diplomacy towards the Asian neighbors, China and Vietnam and according to the Deputy Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken “The relationship with Vietnam has moved to a very different place and part of that has been actually energized by China’s actions. We now have more countries in Southeast Asia looking to the United States and striking stronger relationships with us than we’ve ever had, less because of what we’ve done than because of what China has done.”

Vietnam and the U.S. are forging a closer bond after President Bill Clinton made a great achievement in his presidency with the 1995 normalization of relations and since then Vietnam has become Southeast Asia’s greatest exporter to the United States with an annual trade of $35 billion. The newest Trans-Pacific Partnership of Obama includes the U.S. and Vietnam as part of the 12 countries which share a GDP of $28 trillion.

The U.S. still has a partial lethal arms embargo that was eased in October, with allowing joint military exercises and an $18 million for loans to American patrol boats.

The visit of the Vietnam’s Communist party leader will be an important mark in the relations between the two countries and will do a lot for the mutual trust and respect and a further cooperation in many segments.


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