"elizabeth warren hillary clinton"While there are almost too many Republican runners for the presidential elections in 2016 to name, on the Democrat side things have been deafeningly silent with many assuming that it will be Hillary Clinton who will stand but problems here are already arising.

Hillary Clinton has yet to officially say that she intends to run for President and it appears that another leading member of the party, who is adamant that she will not be running, is making life difficult for Clinton before she even announces.

It is widely suspected that Hillary Clinton will finally announce her intentions to stand for president sometime this month and when she does then Elizabeth Warren will be right there ensuring that the economic policy adopted by Clinton follows her own ideals.

According to a report by Reuters, Warren and her supporters have vowed to make sure that populist economic ideas feature prominently on Clinton’s agenda should the former secretary of state be the party’s nominee.

Back when Hillary’s husband Bill was in the White House, he followed a pro-business stance on the economy and it is expected that Hillary will hold similar views.  Elizabeth Warren however wants to push through economic populism and her backers are already fanning out across Iowa and New Hampshire.

Activists told Reuters they plan to show up at town halls and rallies to publicly call on Clinton to adopt policies such as breaking up big banks and expanding the Social Security retirement programme.

“What we are trying to do is incentivise Hillary Clinton and anyone else who may choose to run for president to campaign on many of the economic populist issues that Elizabeth Warren and others have championed,” said Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a grassroots pro-Warren group, to Reuters

Speaking on MSNBC about her dedication to push any possible candidate to follow economic populism Warren said: “I’m going to push everybody. Do I not look like I’m going to push?” said Warren, whose stark critiques of big business have endeared her to her party’s left wing.

But while Bill may have been pro-business Hillary has never hiden her desires to create a more fair economic system and she is cited with being the first to call for regulation of subprime mortgages in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis.

Bill Daley, who served as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff and commerce secretary under Bill Clinton, was more blunt in an interview with Reuters.

“I think she’s as much jumping on the band wagon as anything, as opposed to driving the bus,” Daley said of Warren.


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