The White announced on Monday that it is possible that President Barack Obama makes an endorsement of a Democrat running in the Presidential primary race. The endorsement could be between his Vice President Joe Biden and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ever since her announcement campaign has been the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nominations for 2016 Elections and her main rival thus far has been socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

However, the Vice President of the Obama administration, Joe Biden has been evaluating support for his possible Presidential run and could jump late in the run and pose a serious threat to Clinton, while Clinton has been facing a great struggle in overcoming a transparency scandal with the use of a private email server for conducting government business while being in State Department office. Biden has gotten the endorsement of many Democrats from the progressive field and according to Reuters he had a meeting with the progressive populist Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

According to Reuters, during a press briefing, the White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the President is not ruling out the possibility of endorsing a Democratic candidate and stated “I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an endorsement in the Democratic primary.” He also added that for the Democratic primary in March, the President will be voting in Illinois, the state he served as Senator prior to his Presidential term.

A more possible outcome would be that the President endorses Biden, because they have already worked on the 2012 Presidential campaign together and according to Reuters, John Earnest said “There is probably no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign.” Earnest also backed up the Biden’s timetable that he himself put on a possible announcement of a candidacy in late summer.

Obama has been constantly reminding the public that making Joe Biden the Vice President of the United States was the smartest political decision of his term in office and that he is aware and knows every challenge that must be overcome in order to have a successful national presidential campaign. However, the White House spokesman also noted that Obama had great appreciation, respect and admiration for Hillary Clinton as well and her time as a Secretary of State.

The White House’s efforts to maintain the Obama administration’s legacy would be crucial in endorsing the best possible candidate that has the chances to succeed Obama and preserve the Democratic policies.


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