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Republican Congressman Paul Ryan has announced his candidacy for Speaker of the House of Representatives last Thursday after getting the endorsement of key Republican caucuses.

Ryan has accepted to unify the Republican majority in the House that has been divided on major issues such as spending bills, creating a threat of a government shutdown.

The legislator from Wisconsin and a 2012 Republican Vice President nominee as a running mate to Mitt Romney has gathered enough support among the conservative and moderate Republicans members of House.

According to Reuters, Ryan wrote a letter to his colleagues stating “I believe we are ready to move forward as a one, united team. And I am ready and eager to be our speaker.”

He revealed an agenda of priorities in the House, but in order to achieve them he must find the compromise that has been lacking in Congress for a long period of time. He is well known as a policy expert with strong position on tax, budget and social policy.

According to Reuters, he stated “I know many of you want to show the country how to fix our tax code, how to rebuild our military, how to strengthen the safety net, and how to lift people out of poverty.”

If elected he will be facing a decision in December regarding a major issue that has contributed to the division of the GOP and that is the fiscal fight and the raising of the national borrowing ceiling, as well as budget talks focused on raising the domestic and defense spending by $76 billion. If successful he is expected to avert a government shutdown similar to the one in 2013.

However, Ryan most definitely will go head to head with Democrats on social issues such as Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs, which he is planning to slash and privatize.

According to Reuters, Vice President Joe Biden has stated that he thinks Ryan is a “good guy” and “will work on accommodation on the budget and on keeping the government open.”

Ryan’s goal is to achieve a truce between the divided GOP establishments and leaders on one hand and the conservatives from the House Freedom caucus that have been creating the Party’s turmoil. His profile is making him the only candidate to unite the Party, after the unsuccessful try of Representative Kevin McCarthy.

The Republican Party is expected to nominate Ryan on Wednesday after which a formal full House vote will be held on Thursday. If elected, Ryan would substitute current Speaker John Boehner who resigned from Congress the previous month due to disagreements with crucial Republican factions.



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